2018 Plans

The end of 2017 brought most of the demolition in the house to an end. Most of the walls in the house are also painted now. We were also able to get a lot of work done outside before winter hit.  O & I each got bday presents that will help us enjoy the outdoors even more. She got a tire swing for reading, writing, and drawing in. I got a really cool outdoor fireplace so we can enjoy looking at the stars almost year round.

We also gained a few new additions to the family at the beginning of December. G, O, & I welcomed kittens Carl and Cara, while J, D, & their dogs welcomed kitten Sadie. Having kittens around again has made life around Fox Haven a little crazy, but also much more entertaining.

Our plans for 2018 mostly involve building things. Current projects on the horizon involve creating a much more usable master closet, making a ventilated litter box room, and making a closet organizer for the guest room. Maybe we’ll even be able to get the laundry cabinets built in the process.

Those projects should get us to early summer when it will be time to demo the remaining floor downstairs and install the radiant heat system G is designing. We also have a couple of road trips planned for the summer that will give us a bit of a break from renovations before we start planning the master bathroom and kitchen renovations.

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