About Us

Fox Haven is a house full of quirky introverts. We all enjoy being creative in our own unique ways. We also enjoy being surrounded by nature, especially trees and water.

I am the least traditionally artistic person in my family. My forms of creativity include writing, sewing, baking, and occasionally gardening(when I find plants I can keep alive). I didn’t truly know what I was getting into when G and I bought our first house(a 100+ year old farmhouse) many years ago. Since selling that house, my rule has been that we can only buy fixer-uppers since I now know that everything will get changed anyway.

G likes to say that he is not an artist, but I disagree emphatically. Not only can he draw, but he has an innate ability to bring out the beauty in all kinds of metal. He is a constantly evolving Craftsman. He has always been good with mechanical things and metal, but has recently honed his woodworking skills by making the kitchen cabinets in our old house from scratch.

O is the most artistic of all of us. She draws constantly, and is also a budding writer. Since she is still young, her styles and abilities are evolving rapidly. With this move, she wants to learn more about baking, and at least the basics of sewing. She is excited to learn about and be more involved in both the renovations and gardening with this house. She was actually the only one of us who fell in love with the house when we first saw it.

J & D are the young adults of the household. J is our oldest daughter and D is her boyfriend. They and their two dogs were ready for a change in environment when the rest of us made the decision to move. They plan to stay with us for a couple of years to save money for their own future house. They plan to explore their new location and learn more about renovating and gardening before deciding on the kind of house they want for themselves.

We hope you stick around and enjoy the craziness of our adventures.