Laundry Room/O’s Bedroom


When we bought this house, it had these two ‘bedrooms’ in it. They were both very weird. The red, white and blue one had two closets. One of those closets was a weird triangle space. The other one had the beautiful bay window, but no closet. They were also both kind of small.

O decided that she really wanted the one with the bay window, so G and I decided that we should take out the wall between the two rooms and turn one of them into a laundry room. There is a bathroom on the other side of the red, white and blue room, so we could tie into the plumbing from that for the washing machine.

This is what it looked like once we got the walls down. That slanted wall used to be the triangle closet part. We have no clue why anyone thought that was a good idea, especially since it jutted out into the hallway/landing. We were very excited to have the walls down, but G was not looking forward to having to drywall.

This is what they looked like after putting a wall back between them. Soon I’ll show you what they both look like now.


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