O’s Bedroom

O was probably the most excited by this house when we first looked at it. She fell in love with all the trees around the house first, and then the fact that the house was such a blank slate. I was a little surprised by how much she fell in love with the house, and how excited she was by living through another long renovation. Maybe it’s because she can’t remember a time without renovations. All I know is that after we looked at the house, she was the first one to say we should buy it.

On the other hand, it didn’t surprise me that she loved the outside part at all. As soon as we moved here, all she could talk about was how green and beautiful it was here compared to the urban desert we lived in before. She also fell in love with all the flowering trees that bloomed over spring. I’m guessing she’ll also love seeing the fall colors in a couple months. The trees were definitely a factor in her choice of room, since her bedroom just might have the best view.

O's Bay Window View

O’s Bay Window View

One of the things that really excited her about renovating this house was being able to truly create her bedroom from scratch. She was heavily involved in deciding what the overall shape and layout of the room would be. It’s kind of a long, narrow room, but it still gives her room for everything she needs. She has a relaxation space in the bay window with a chair, a work space with a desk and shelving for all her art supplies, and her bed and nightstand.

She also picked out the color scheme for the room. She really wanted it to be pastel, but was having a hard time settling on just one color. I had seen an example of a color washing technique called Lazure. The two biggest differences from normal color washing that I see are using colors that are so watered down that they end up incredibly light, almost translucent, and continuously blending them, even when it seems like you can’t blend them anymore. The overall effect has a somewhat mystical effect, similar to the difference between watercolors and oils. It was actually a major pain to do it, but since she loves the finished product, it was worth it.

At the end of the room, you can see the beginning of her wardrobe. Since there was not a closet in the room originally, G decided he should make her a wardrobe. When it is completed, the two hanging portions will have doors, and the bottom part of the middle will have drawers. That is another project that will probably get completed during winter.

The best part of moving for O has been the change in cultures. At her last school, she had a hard time finding other people who shared her interest in things like art, anime, reading, & science. Not only is it easy for her to find people who share those interests here, but she also been introduced to STEM, which she loves. She also does better with the slower lifestyle that exists here, and the quiet of living out in the country and exploring nature.

She is trying her hand at gardening for the first time with a Fuschia plant that she named Oswald. She would like to take landscaping and botany classes when she is able to at school, so that she can learn more about all the new plants she is being introduced to here. She is also looking forward to the plans we have for growing all kinds of fruit in the future. Hopefully, she will discover she enjoys gardening because we will definitely need everyone involved in that.


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