Renovations from our First House

I have spent the last week suffering from a very annoying cold. Since all I wanted to do was lay around, I decided it would be a good time to clean up our computers. While doing that I came across pictures from some of the renovations/redecorating we did in the first house we ever owned, a 100+ year old farmhouse. A lot of what we did there was redecorating than renovations, but it was still how we got started on this crazy journey.

In the bathroom, we put in a new toilet and repainted. For some weird reason, we decided that the room needed the weird blue stripe you see in the pictures. I am glad to say we have yet to do that again.

The living started out with orange shag carpeting, very dark paneling and a brick fireplace that had been painted white. We replaced the carpeting with a much nicer neutral one. As you can see we also painted the paneling a peachy tan color. We were not able to strip the white paint off the brick, so instead we did our best to make it look like natural brick again.

In the kitchen, we painted the same tan color as the living room. I don’t have pictures of this, but we also took out the doors and shelves from a weird pass-through in the wall to the kitchen. I am also missing pictures of the kitchen wall where we painted over the 70s wallpaper.

I don’t have pictures of the other renovations we did, but I will still tell you about them. We gutted the family room and adjoining office/sunroom completely and replaced the very wide picture window with a custom built bay window. The window was too big to get an existing bay window, so G had to take three windows and build a frame for them, and then attach it to the side of the house. We also added a tile floor to the office/sunroom. The final part of that long renovation was refinishing the beautiful old wood floors in the family room and a bedroom off it.

Everything we did in that house happened in less than two years. During those two years, J started school, I became pregnant with and gave birth to O. O celebrated her first birthday there before we left for better opportunities a few months later. For many reasons, that house will always hold a special place in my heart even though we weren’t there for very long. I think the most significant is that it was the beginning of the journey that has brought us to where we are today. Even though I’m having to live through another renovation, I am gloriously happy with where I am today, and I believe that G is as well.

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