Save Us From The Berry Monsters

Berry Bushes

More Berries

Our first major project had to be getting rid of some of the berry bushes on our property. We believe that they are blackberry bushes, which is actually part of what we like about the property. The problem is that no one has been tending to them for at least a year, probably longer, so some of them were trying to take over our septic system. To be able to live in the house, those bushes had to go immediately.

Since we bought the house at the beginning of Spring, we were lucky that the first weekend it was actually ours was pretty good weather. G, O, and I spent most of that weekend attacking berry bushes(and also getting attacked by them). It was a very long tiring weekend, and made me very proud of O. She may not have been very happy about it, but she was a real trooper.

Cut Up Bushes


By the time we had gotten all the bushes on the septic system removed, we were all covered in tiny little pinpricks and scratches from where the berries had tried to take us over as well. O and I decided that for the next round of bushes J, and her boyfriend, D would be the ones to help G. Luckily for us, D is now working in landscaping getting rid of other invasive weeds, so helpfully he will soon know some tricks to get rid of the bushes and keep them gone.


In a future post, I’ll actually be able to show you a yard instead of just more bushes. Hopefully, I’ll even be able to show you things blooming and berries from the bushes we don’t get rid of. According to G, the bushes make up 75 percent of our property. That is an exaggeration, although sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.


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