The ‘joys’ of Remodeling

Since we are slightly crazy, instead of being deterred by a house where the finished floors had been removed almost everywhere, G and I saw it as an opportunity to install radiant heat. Ever since G installed radiant heat at a friends house around 15 years ago, he has wanted to have it in his own house. This house seemed like a great place to do that, both because of the lack of flooring and also our relatively mild climate.  Both of those reasons still exist, but unfortunately we have had to make some changes to our original plan for how to go about doing it.

The original plan was for G to install the tubing and then finish the floors throughout the lower level room by room. Obviously, there were going to be a few issues with that plan, but since we got rid of a lot of our furniture before moving, it didn’t seem that bad. Due to having plywood subfloors and a crawl space instead of slab on grade, we are limited to using certain kinds of concrete to cover the tubing with. Unfortunately, the companies that make those products will only sell to the companies that they have chosen to partner with. What that means for us is that to do radiant heating, it is now only cost effective to have all the concrete poured at once. That means that for at least a week, we will not be able to use the lower level of our house like we normally would as G puts down the tubing and then the concrete goes in and cures.

It also means that until we are ready to do that during summertime, we will be living with subfloor, and that our house will still be in significant disarray until while we wait to replace the pieces of furniture we left behind. Since we live a place that is often wet or muddy for most of fall, winter, and spring, we also have to figure out how to keep the floors from getting ruined between now and then. Luckily, we do still have tile throughout the hallway and kitchen, so we have at least one easy surface to clean. Now we just have to figure out if there is anything we can do with the subfloors that won’t end up either costing very much or being problematic when we put the tubing in. We have a few ideas, but need to do more research to see if they are actually viable.

Even though it is very frustrating to have this setback, there are a few positives to this development. One is that at least this time around we don’t have any toddlers living in the house to make it even harder to keep the floors clean. Another one is that since the floors will be finished by more experienced concrete people, we might like the concrete floors enough to just go with them. It also means that we have at least the next six months to explore flooring options which is very good because G can be incredibly picky.

Since it has been less than a year since we replaced all the carpet in our old house before putting it on the market, I am definitely not thrilled about going through something like that again. Experiences like this are the main reason I keep telling G that I am going to die in this house. We are both getting too old to go through another major remodel after this one. It’s a very good thing that making a house our own actually brings G and I closer together instead of tearing us apart.

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