Welcome to Fox Haven Life

In the beginning of 2017, my family and I made the decision to leave the urban desert life we had been living for the last ten years and start fresh in a small city 1000+ miles away.

In doing so, we left the house that we had transformed from the worst house on the block to the best house in the neighborhood during the last eight years. (I’m not just saying that, our house sold for the highest price our neighborhood had ever seen, and is still at the top four months later.)

We also left a life that we had been building for the past ten years which included a couple firsts for our family. For my husband that involved the longest job he had ever held. Ironically, he had just made it to his ten year anniversary with that job when we realized that the area we lived in was growing bigger than we were comfortable with. For me, that meant leaving the only place I have ever lived for more than a decade during the 30+ years of my life. For our youngest, it meant leaving everything she could remember.

We will soon be joined by our oldest, her boyfriend, and their two dogs. For them it will be the first time they have made a significant move during their relationship. They both moved to a new state once when they were children, but this move is a conscious decision to try to find a better life for themselves as young adults.

To make this new life work for all of us, we purchased another house in desperate need of renovation. To allow a separate living space for the young couple, we found a house that was more than 1000 sq. ft. bigger than the one we sold, but most significantly also has 10 more acres than our previous corner lot did.

This blog will chronicle the journey we take as we not only completely renovate our new house,  (and live through it, again) but also make use of the acreage we now have by creating a more sustainable lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy the ride, Laura.

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